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Standard Edition

Carrier-Class Intelligent Application Gateway (IAG)

The Panabit IAG is a high-performance, feature-rich, affordable system designed for Internet Service Providers, Enterprise, Education, Finance, Healthcare, Government, and Hospitality customers. The free version of IAG is limited to total 100 IPs, it is good for use in small offices or homes as the gateway for traffic monitoring. There is NO expiration date for the free license, please enjoy it as long as it is helpful to you. Learn more about Panabit IAG from the company website.

While the standard edition can be used by small businesses with less than 100 IP addresses, for enterprise customers the professional edition is the product for larger organizations. For more information about the professional version contact Ridge Security.

Standard Edition vs. Professional Version

The chart below provides an overview of the differences between standard and professional. For enterprise customers we recommend contacting us to discuss a demonstration or setting up a software evaluation.

FeatureFree Standard EditionProfessional Edition
Price ($)FreeContact Us
Max. Concurrent Users (IP Address)100600,000
Max Concurrent Sessions65,53518,000,000
Subscription Licensing ModelN/A
Pay As You Grow License UpgradeN/A
Network Interface Support
Intel 1GbE/10GbE/40GbE NIC Support1GbE
PanaOS Enhanced NIC Driver
Max. WAN Links81000
Max. WAN Groups420
Application Traffic Analysis and Visualization
Deep Packet Inspection
Encrypted Traffic Analytics
IPv6 Traffic Support
MPLS Traffic Support
Network Performance Monitor
Real Time Traffic Dashboard
Top IP, Top App, Top Session Support
Mobile Device Support
Network Traffic Management
Network Address Translation(NAT)
HTTP Access Control
Application Traffic Rate Limit
Application Session Rate Limit
User(IP Address) Rate Limit256
DHCP Server Support
Traffic Prioritization
DSCP Marking
Dynamic Rate Limit
Application Routing
Application Policy Routing
DNS Request Routing
Port Mapping
Server Load Balancing
SD-WAN(iWAN) Support
Policy Scheduling
Virtual BARS
vBRAS/PPPoE Server Support
Embedded Subscriber Management
System Administration
Software Upgrade
DPI Signature Upgrade
Configuration Import/Export
Panalog Support

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